Hot Stocks(Summer)

Congrats to my subscribers for doing an amazing job with stocks: Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts!!  Both are in the Gaming Industry, which has exceeded expectations this year!

Great quality games has really put these 2 companies on the fast track year after year. Their games drive millions of people to buy every single time and it continues to boost the stock in an upward trend.

With Activision Blizzard, the volume of shares is currently averaging at 6.6 million while maintaining its high of the 52-week range.

For those that bought this stock in February at only $40.00/share really saw the phenomenal increase to $64.00 Its 3-year track record is at a high of 167%!

With Electronic Arts, it has increased from $73.74 to $120.25 all within 52 weeks.

The current price is maintaining near the 52-week high of the range while keeping the average share volume between 2-3 million. Within 3 years, we saw the significant increase of 209.53%, which is significantly above average.

Overall both stocks are above the 50-Day and 200-Day Moving Averages so I look forward to seeing the great potential that these 2 companies will bring in the future.

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